Blockchain cities, Elon Musk, and The Future of Jobs with AI

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From robots, to bitcoin, to the future of jobs with artificial intelligence. We’ll give you a small glimpse of the future. 


Right now, there’s an initiative to build a 68,000-acre innovation park based around blockchain in Nevada. Company’s CEO, and crypto millionaire, Jeffrey Berns, said the site is “the size of Reno” to highlight the power of a public blockchain. 

It will include houses, banks, shops and schools, all using blockchain. And it’s not just Nevada that will make this shift. 

Cities worldwide will use blockchain and emerging technologies to help in many other ways. How? Well, for one, by deploying trash bins that notify garbage trucks when full. This makes collection routes more efficient (and cost-effective).

In Boston, the city installed solar-powered park benches that function as outdoor cell phone charging stations. Is that it? Nope. At the same time, these benches will be able to collect data on air quality and noise pollution.

And get this, the mayor of Chicago called upon the Boring Company to build a private high-speed tunnel to transport passengers in autonomous electric vehicles (EVs). If done, this would take you from downtown, to the airport, in roughly 10 minutes. 


Smart cities will use blockchain in a few different ways:

  • BUSINESS MODEL LAYER: This includes governance models, data standardization, legal stuff, and commercial models...

  • PLATFORM LAYER: This includes consensus mechanisms, with the help of smart contracts, authentication, and authorization...

  • INFRASTRUCTURE LAYER: This includes building a community in the cloud, managed blockchains, proprietary components, and more...

Balaji Srinivasan, the former chief technology officer (CTO) of Coinbase, and former general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, breaks down a lot of it here:

Moving on.


Futuristic autonomous products that you can buy that will be able to work by themselves, earning you money. Want an example? 

How about a home robotic chef.

And let’s not forget SpaceX’s starlink, which could one day let users sell an internet connection to their neighborhood. Details here.

What else does the future hold? Well, in the future, you could be making money from home (by controlling robots doing the work in a factory). 

Telepresence is work that can be done through the use of augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). And with feedback gloves, you’ll be able to feel the objects you are interacting with when operating the robot. 

It’s already happening. Model-T Operations are robots that will start working at family mart convenience stores in Tokyo by 2022 (or sooner). 

You’ll even be able to do this in dangerous situations. For example, firefighters will eventually be able to operate robots that go into burning buildings. 

Telepresence work will get more advanced too.

Where exactly? Medicine. One day, surgeons will be able to perform operations on soldiers from a distance. Telepresence robots will be deployed in hospitals

And it doesn’t stop there. Truck drivers will have their jobs replaced by self-driving trucks, such as the Tesla semi. But don’t worry. 

There will be new jobs (where humans monitor a fleet of self-driving trucks). And if one has an issue, the human will be able to log in, see through the truck’s cameras, and find out what’s wrong. It could even send out robots to fix the issue. 


Robot operator as a job? Yep. As well as a brain-to-computer personal trainer. 

But here’s what’s most exciting: We’ll be able to buy autonomous technology. 

This means, once you’ve paid for them, they will be able to make money for you, on their own. One day, a Tesla car will have those features. Where family or friends can have access to your self-driving Tesla car. And you can set a time for when you need it back. 

There will also be an option to share it with the public. Making it act as a self-driving robo-taxi. Earning money while you’re at work or sleeping. Instead of it just parked (not doing anything). Elon Musk estimates a Tesla robo-taxi could pay you $30,000 per year. 

What other autonomous technologies could you buy? Smart homes are another thing. Tesla’s powerwall stores excess energy. Not only can it store energy from the solar panels on your roof. But it could receive and store energy from the grid, when prices are low (which is usually in the middle of the night). 

And then sell it back to the grid during peak hours, at a profit. 

  • Next big tech money making question: Will there be home cooking robots that cook meals to be sold (and delivered) around different neighborhoods? Yes. They’re already in restaurants. Restaurants first, homes next.

  • What about SpaceX’s starlink internet dishes? Starlink will allow people who buy a dish to distribute and sell excess internet bandwidth to their neighborhood. 

  • What about power cleaning robots? Yep. That will be another autonomous technology you could buy (and profit from). They will be able to clean a person’s home when the homeowners are out. 

Drones will be another one. You’ll be able to have them programmed to do different things. From tracking down lost pets (using chips). To send it flying to examine roof damage. Or use it for security reasons. Your call.


Well, at some point we’ll bring back Bitcoin’s earliest adopter, Hal Finney, who at the age of 58, was cryogenically frozen to see the future.

He’ll see how a non-fungible token (NFT) acts as a blockchain equivalent of a certificate of authenticity for any piece of digital media (GIFs, videos, tweets, games, selfies, etc). 

Everything will be tokenized. And NFTs will be used to help as we all build digital collections by collectors, artists, sports fans, and more.

When Finney comes back, he’ll be one of the richest people in the world. He’ll get healthy. And then see a world where all jobs become automated... 

At this point, we will live in a post-money world. Where every human gets a universal basic income (UBI) to survive, to not be overruled by artificial intelligence (AI).

Sounds far away, but tech moves fast....

Money is becoming decentralized. And people are already putting chips into their hands allowing them to store bitcoin keys that can make payments. 

This proves that this is more science than fiction. Further out in the future, our own DNA could be used to store our financial records.

But here’s what Elon Musk says about the concept of money...

Eventually, AI will make money a non-issue. Which will remove our need for labor. Today, AI can only perform one specific task. Like driving a car or speech recognition. But sooner or later, artificial general intelligence will do many tasks. 

So, what happens when we have limitless labor in the form of AI and robots? Well, artificial general intelligence will have achieved all mental and physical tasks that humans do. They will be solved by AI (and other big innovations). 


Manufacturing will be done by machines, robots, and nano fabricators. And all energy requirements will be met with nuclear fusion, solar, and other forms of renewable energy. In the future, there will be no reason to have money (as everything we need will be available for free). And our labor will not be required. 

This is when a universal basic income will be given; when all humans receive the benefits of automation. Andrew Yang says this UBI money would come from “taxing the tech companies that profit from artificial intelligence,” such as Amazon and Google. 


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