Eos Founder Takes On Liberty, Biden Bad For US Dollars, And Real Inflation

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The man, the myth, the legend. 

Daniel Larimer, CTO of EOSIO developers block.one... and founder of the decentralized exchange Bitshares (as well as blockchain-based social media platform Steem), made a big announcement.

In a new blog post, he resigned and said… “[I] am proud of the EOSIO software I was able to create and launch with the help of an extremely talented group of engineers. Alas, all good things must come to an end. I have resigned my position as CTO of block.one.

And while the post didn’t specify a reason why, Larimer’s social media activity may explain it. In a recent Twitter post... the technologist said that “it’s time to abandon” the social media platform. 

What does that mean? Well, it could be a possible response to Twitter banning president Trump and multiple app stores deplatforming Parler. 

Does he love or hate Trump? Who knows. 

What we do know is that he’s a freedom fighter and believes in freedom of speech (whether that be Obama, Biden, Trump or whoever). Everyone deserves a voice. Even your worst enemy.


He’s a man on a mission... 

And that, folks, is quite clear:I will continue on my mission to create a free market, voluntary solutions for securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all,” the second half of his post read. 

I do not know exactly what is next, but I am leaning toward building more censorship resistant technologies,” he wrote.

If this is true, our firm supports him 100%.

Let’s not forget: Larimer is not the only high-profile executive that has made an exit. Near the end of last year, the IOTA Foundation “parted ways” with IOTA founder David Sønstebø in a “unanimous decision.

Next up…


If Biden is put in office, the administration plans to flood the U.S. economy with trillions of dollars. Yikes.

What this means: Bad for paper money, but great for Bitcoin. 

Most smart investors (including Redpill readers), have already made the shift away from the weakened U.S. dollar a long, long time ago.

But pres-elect Joe Biden asked Congress one thing: To provide Americans with $2,000 in stimulus payments to help offset the destruction of small businesses and the crazy economic impact of Covid-19. 

And get this, the incoming president also proposed a $3 trillion dollar tax and infrastructure package as part of his “Build Back Better” program.

More money printed? Yep, plus, more direct relief to Americans.

Biden doubled down on his call for more...

“Economic research confirms that with conditions like the crisis today, especially with such low interest rates, taking immediate action – even with deficit financing – is going to help the economy”


Based on our research, we know Trump is aware of the corruption. And the dangerous policies used by the Federal Reserve. He’s talked about the gold standard. Sound money. And all that jazz.

Which is why... 

He nominated economic advisor Judy Shelton to the Fed... who is she? Just an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve.

But here’s the thing…

Even President Trump continued on with poor economic policies. Year after year. In fact, under his leadership, the United States passed a massive $2 trillion stimulus bill, back in March of last year. 

And more recently: Trump did this, he signed a $900 billion relief package that paved the way for $600 stimulus checks.

The federal government’s inflation-boosting policies align with record intervention from the Federal Reserve… 

And when we say ‘record intervention’ - we mean it. We’re talking about them deploying trillions of dollars in 2020. 

Trillions printed out of thin air... just like that. Of course, no one asks how the money is created. Where it comes from. Or any of that. They just want their free money. And then proceed to arrogantly argue with people on Facebookland over fake news. It’s quite sad.

Keep in mind: The vast majority of journalists at BBC, CNN, FOX and other mainstream media outlets have zero understanding of economics. 


Last year, money was printed to combat a liquidity crisis. And to keep overnight rates under control. Don’t believe me? Look here...

The Federal Reserve's balance sheet exploded.

If that’s not alarming, then we don’t know what is.


Bitcoin is imposing on the minds of academics and economists around the world the truth about inflation. 

Real inflation is running at 15% or 20% per year. Why? Because real inflation is based on money supply. And NOT the government reported figure, the Consumer Price Index (CPI). That’s what the media pushes.

But that’s not inflation. 

That’s fake news... and the sheep, like your eldest brother or my eldest sister or whoever, may have seen those same inflation numbers in a BBC article or something similar. But that’s not critical thinking. 

Which is why, so many will miss out on this generational wealth shift.

Inflation is near 20% per year, when you look at the money supply growth. That’s why Bitcoin is going into a parabolic move higher, as you read this, right now. It’s rising because it reflects the truth. Period.

But that’s why we’re considered “the few.” 

And let’s not forget media darling: Janet Yellen, the former Federal Reserve chief, who has made millions in speaking fees from crony-capitalist financial firms. To make matters worse, she benefitted massively from the Fed’s money-printing and bailouts. Nothing to see there, though, right?

But again, the sheep could have broken away from the matrix (which is the media, universities, and the whole damn financial system) a long time ago.

How long ago? Starting in 2008, when the financial collapse happened. In fact, precious metal investors broke away, even before that. Bitcoin’s price is simply doing what paper gold leverage has been doing in recent decades.

Paper gold has been increasing every single year: Often hitting new all time highs. But physical gold prices have been stagnant. Again though, paper gold supply has increased exponentially. 

For those that aren’t asleep to the (disguised and quiet) corruption on Wall Street, JP Morgan just paid a huge fine for manipulating the price of gold

How? They created fake paper gold contracts... And then, they sold them into the market and drove down the price. Sure, there are laws and regulations in place... but there’s little to no enforcement of them. The rabbit hole for gold manipulation goes back decades. 

But we’ll save that one for another day.


To sum up 2020: $9 trillion dollars of monetary stimulus worldwide in a single year. By far the highest amount we've ever seen. 

That’s 3x the size of what we saw in 2008! 

So, when will the sheep wake up? As long as the media exists... 

And as long folks keep being programmed through their television… it could be several years more! Unfortunately, at that point, they’ll be left behind.

Bottom line: While everyone is focused on a virus with a recovery rate between 97% and 99.75%, we know better. That’s why we recommend you turn off the TV. And focus on what’s going on behind the scenes. 

Not trying to downplay the pandemic… but the agenda is out there for those that are wise enough to connect the dots. 

Please, seek the truth. Invest now. And share this newsletter with other people that need to take the redpill of money (BTC). Having said that… happy new year, and happy new financial system!


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